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» [A] Ulisse, Sophia
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 08:05 PM
SOPHIA is Offline

Sophia Carina Ulisse
Minka Kelly
March 23
Hybrid (Human/Vampire)

Sophia's story doesn't start with her birth, but rather with her mother's unique history that has helped shape Sophia's familial life even well into her adult years. Her mother, Emilia Ulisse, was born to a human mother and an immortal father, making Emilia a hybrid. Her mother (Sophia's grandmother) didn't survive the child birth, which was something that her father struggled to live with, resulting in him placing Emilia up for adoption, only to have her adopted by a couple he had known quite well when Emilia was only a mere few days old.

As Emilia aged, her heart and compassion grew, extending to others in ways no one could dream imaginable for someone who was half vampire. Perhaps this stemmed from the fact that her adoptive mother owned an apothecary and was often trying to help others, herself. It was because of this that Emilia had visited a village in Ireland that had been plagued with disease. During that visit, she had met a two-year-old boy named Donovan, who had lost his parents to said disease. Emilia was unable to leave the boy behind, and brought him back to her equally as compassionate mother. Donovan grew into a man through the years and they bonded as siblings. It had become quite clear through the years that Donovan - like Emilia - wasn't entirely human, but rather a werewolf.

About twenty-five years down the road, they came across a village during one of their many travels, a village that had been burned to the ground leaving the only survivor - a five-year-old half-breed - to fend for herself. The young girl was named Tiri and was immediately taken in as Emilia's second and final sibling.

Emilia and her siblings have been out on their own for just around two centuries; they wandered for several years, merely travelling and taking in as much of the world as they possibly could while on their own before starting a series of safe-houses for supernatural creatures without families, much as they all once had been.

It was through these safe-houses scattered carefully throughout Europe and North America that Emilia had met Enzo, a vampire that - unbeknownst to Emilia - was part of a government-funded research project that aimed to turn vampires into cannibals. Beings that fed on only vampire blood rather than human blood. Emilia had no idea that Enzo was a captured lab experiment whose memories were wiped clean each time the lab sent him out on the loose in hopes he would begin feeding on other vampires.

The two had a romance (of sorts) that was off and on for a great many years and that resulted in three children. Enzo was unreliable in Emilia's eyes, as each time he swore he would stay around (and was unable to confess where he had disappeared off to each time he left), he always ended up breaking his promises and leaving again. At least up until the point when Emilia had finally had enough and had moved she and her three young children elsewhere.

Sebastian was born to Emilia first, and is five years older than the set of twins she birthed, Samara and Sophia. Born on March 23 of 1997, Sophia was the younger of a set of twins born to Emilia with her older sister - by six minutes - was named Samara. Less than twenty-four hours after their birth, Samara was stolen from the hospital; Emilia was told that the baby had become ill and that she had not survived the night. In truth, she was a perfectly healthy baby girl; her first weeks were spent in a sham orphanage while a new identity was created for her.

Adopted under the alias of Avery Lewis, the couple had her name legally changed to Avery Collins so that she would grow up with their surname. They knew nothing of the illegal nature of the adoption that they were participating in and had been on a waiting list for seven years, incapable of conceiving a child of their own.

With no way to know that her deceased twin sister was, in fact still alive and well, Sophia still managed to grow up with just as much compassion in her heart as her mother always seemed to have, even if she didn't have a father figure to help support all of her wildly ambitious ideas to help better the world. She found support in her mother, aunt, uncle and siblings and chose to adore the family she had rather than mourn the father she never knew.

The brunette hybrid began to spread her wings when she met Nick Grant, a local gambler that had a phobia of commitment and a fondness of Sophia's wild, care-free nature. The two fought more than they got along, prompting Sebastian - Sophia's older brother - to hold resentment towards Nick for what he viewed as his many attempts to make his younger sister miserable.

It was true that Sophia and Nick were polar opposites; she was fire and he was ice. She had goals and he had debts; she knew what she wanted and he ran from everything he felt unworthy of having. Regardless of the thousands of ways they differed, they still loved each other fiercely, but when the thought of one day settling down with Sophia spooked him, he ended things between them.

Trying to recover from a broken heart, Sophia found comfort in hers and Nick's mutual friend, Dex. In reality, Dex was Nick's best friend and should have been off-limits to Sophia through her grief, but there was a small part of her that wanted Nick to hurt just as badly as she was. It didn't condone her trying to move on with his best friend, but in the heat of the moment, she had felt justified and had chosen to see nothing wrong with her very young, very uncertain relationship with Dex.

Sophia had been on the verge of ending things with Dex and slowly beginning to rekindle things with Nick - after seeing how her relationship with Dex was killing Nick - when Ashley Winters (a man being controlled by the Division) shot up the supernatural sanctuary, effectively killing Sophia, Dex and countless other innocent beings. Sophia's family had pulled every string that their hands could grab onto to bring her back, but as of yet, Dex has yet to be pulled back from the other side.

To this day, Sophia feels that the Division learned of her still being alive after the assault as a unique ability to bring herself back from the dead which was the furthest thing from the truth. But given they were looking for hybrids with abilities - like Sophia - to experiment on, someone who could self-resuscitate was someone they wanted to get their hands on. She imaged there would have likely been some disappointment in learning that that wasn't an ability that Sophia possessed, but they seemed equally as thrilled to learn that she could 'push' thoughts and memories into someone's mind with a simple glance.

They kept her in their grasp for just over six months before they subjected her to a serum that had killed hundreds of supernatural beings without proof that it could be tweaked to work. A serum that was meant to boost her ability but instead kept stealing the lives of anyone it was injected into. Sophia didn't meet that same fate and, upon surviving the injection and using their immediate celebration to escape - became their most prized possession, even if she wasn't in their possession. They knew she'd come crawling back, as the injection would slowly kill her unless she received the next phase of it.

Being on the run from the Division (and slowly dying, in the process) meant cutting ties with her family; they understood that their safety was just as up-in-the-air as Sophia's, and that she could move faster and hide better on her own. One thing she hadn't been expecting, however, was for Nick Grant to come barrelling back into her life; the two picking up their feuds right where they had left them off. Sophia blaming him for never looking for her when she had needed someone to find her and Nick accusing her of leaving him when it was the Division that had taken her.

Their romance was rekindled; Nick cared for her through her Division-caused sickness and their fight against the Division slowly began to build. Nick's brothers (Steve Rogers and Grant Carter, the former and current faces of Captain America) had their own differences with the Division that were needing to be sorted out, so when the Division made their move and kidnapped as many of them as possible, they grouped together and fought back with the help of Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, and Kamila and Pietro Maximoff.

Mary Adler, however, was someone that they hadn't known they had been fighting for until she was trying to steal Sophia's jell-o while Sophia rested and healed in the hospital. Tony Stark had created an antidote for the injection that the Division had injected her with, leaving she and Nick able to learn that the young girl - merely six years of age - had escaped the Division through the chaos that their group had caused.

Despite Nick's many issues with commitment, he was the one that refused to hand Mary over to the police in hopes of them finding her a safe, stable, loving home. Instead, he and Sophia have begun the process to adopt Mary themselves, and have already brought her home to live with them permanently, just in time to welcome a niece and a nephew into the world (belonging to Grant and Peggy Carter) and to get ready to welcome a second niece (Steve's daughter) to the family.

Sophia has taken over the supernatural shelter that her family had opened in New Orleans and continues to run it with the help of a local friend, Alex. While Sophia's mother continues to better the chain of supernatural shelters in Europe hat she and her family have started, her sister Tiri travels the world, enjoying a permanent vacation and seeking out any form of a good time that she can find. Donovan, on the other hand, is a military man that is trained in medical science and trauma surgery. He is currently taking a Leave of Absence (his first ever) to spend more time in New Orleans with his niece, Sophia.

Sophia has no idea that in the same city she is currently residing in, her long lost twin sister and her biological father are living their lives mere miles away from her, making it certain that their paths will inevitably cross.


No matter how many times Nick pulled her back to him - physically or otherwise - she would never find herself resisting. There was an undeniable connection - spark, even - between them. They were like magnets that couldn't be completely pried apart and neither could ever deny that. That was why each time Nick followed after her or pulled her back to him through his very heated conversation, Sophia never demanded he stop, step away or leave her alone. There was a part of her - a very large part - that knew they were meant to be together. He was her one; she'd never throw that out the window for anything, even if it felt as though, at times, he was.

His hand was pulling her back to him by her wrist as his lips pressed once again against hers and Sophia, as was usual, almost seemed to melt in his arms. As if everything negative between them had dissipated or hadn't been there at all. No fights, no hostility, no pent-up aggression towards each other... Nothing.

Such moments couldn't last nearly as long as she was wanting them to, however. That much was proven as he pulled away, his words just as fiery as they had been before the kiss had taken place.

The brunette couldn't help but to shake her head in reply to his words, each one bothering her more than she cared to admit to. "If you wanted a life with me, you wouldn't have run from every conversation I've ever tried to have with you about having a life with me!" She wasn't entirely sure if he had thought that any time she had tried to bring up conversations about marriage and children that she was wanting them immediately... Perhaps that would explain his panic and discomfort with such topics, but that wasn't Sophia's intention at all. She just wanted to know where he stood on marriage and maybe having a child of their own someday. Was that so hard to talk about?

It angered her all the more to hear him trying to shove him back in Dex - his best friend's - arms despite knowing just how much her dating Dex tore Nick apart. He didn't want them together; he was pushing her to his best friend because it was an easy way out of an uncomfortable conversation. Wasn't that always the way he dealt with things?

"How can you say you want a life with me and then push me to be with someone else, just because they're more open to the idea of marrying me someday?!" It was infuriating because that guy in the car could just as easily be Nick, if he'd just open up to her. "All I ever wanted was just to talk about what you wanted when it came to our future! Where you saw us in five or ten years from now! I was never looking for an engagement ring right in those moments, and I wasn't begging you to knock me up! I just wanted to know what our future looked like to you!"

It was almost insane that that was as easy as things were: if he had just been willing to have that conversation, they wouldn't be standing here so close together yet miles apart at the same time. "You are the only person I have ever loved; if I knew for one second that you'd be willing to have that conversation with me? To tell me what you see in our future? I'd be finding time to have a conversation with Dex about mine and his future, and how he and I don't have one together." Because at the end of the day? The only future that Sophia had ever wanted was with Nick.

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 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 06:55 PM
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