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 You and me, we got big reputations, ah, 21 | Blake Lively | SWAT Agent
basic info Claire-Julia Reyna Dunn August 09 Twenty-one years old Female (She/Her) Werewolf (CotM) SWAT Agent Seattle, WA Heterosexual Dating (poly-amorously) Overly sonfident Blatantly hilarious
recent video play_circle_outline
recent status When a stripper driving a Bentley tells me I have potential... I gotta listen. God did not mean for me to waste these tits on law school. TUESDAY, 8:45PM
photo gallery
basic information
chosen name: Claire-Julia
nickname: Claire
meaning: "Young / Bright"
claimed age: Twenty-one
gender: Female
pronouns: She/Her
ethnicity: Caucasian
nationality: American
orientation: Heterosexual
marital status: Dating
current partner (s): Ben Elias
Xavier Samuels

abilities (s): No other abilities outside of the natural abilities of a werewolf.
fc: Blake Lively
hair color: Blonde
hair length: Long
eye color: Hazel
height: 5'10"
weight: 130 lbs

physical ailments: N/A
neurological ailments: N/A
addictions: Drugs / alcohol
drugs? No
alcohol? Socially
smokes? No

male friends: N/A
female friends: N/A
father: Benedict Dunn
mother: Fiona Dunn

siblings: Sean Dunn
Robert Dunn
Zach Dunn
Brianna Dunn
Laila Dunn
Justice Dunn
Paxton Dunn
Verity Dunn

children: Aiden Dunn
Ayla Dunn
Aria Dunn

pets: Penny (maltipoo)
mentionables: PSEUDO-PARENTS:
Trinity Olson
Vincent Albright

Jacy Black

Travis Olson

Eireahann Hadley

Adelaide Vivas
Alex Vivas

history & shipper rules
Claire-Julia (who prefers to go by Claire) was born to a father that has always been willing to protect his children with his life (as he has proven repeatedly), and a mother that frequently lashed out at her children, often coming close to fatally wounding the select few that struggled to appease her. This ultimately led to Benedict, Claire's father, having to kill her mother to keep her from taking the lives of one or more of his children.

Benedict and Fiona had five children together, a set of quintuplets that Claire belongs to. Ben went on to have a child with another woman during his and Fiona's divorce (and prior to her death) that he named Laila. This wasn't a relationship that was meant to last; Laila was ultimately the product of a one-night-stand, but Ben did go on to find love with a woman named Trinity Olson. The two had a set of triplets they named Justice, Paxton and Verity.

Claire is no stranger to children, having had three of her own. Thinking her first love would be the only love in her life, Claire gave everything to that teenage romance which landed her pregnant with a set of triplets which were named Aiden, Ayla and Aria. Ultimately, her relationship with Jacy faltered and, after the two became engaged, Claire learned of Jacy's unfaithfulness and the two parted ways permanently.

She attempted to find love multiple times (with multiple different men) and slowly came to realize that monogamy — as in dedicating herself to one man, and one man alone — wasn't her cup of tea. Currently, Claire is quite content in a committed relationship with Xavier Grayson, and his best friend Ben Elias.

Now heading her father's werewolf pack (after her father took a step back to work on finding his own forms of happiness), Claire is the alpha of the largest werewolf pack in North America, if not the world. Given the size of her own family, there's a lot of tension, betrayals and secrets between everyone, but at the end of the day, Claire constantly strives to do right by her family, her friends, and her pack.

You can view some of my plotting ideas on the next tab, but please read my shipper's rules before replying to any of my wanted ads or plotting ideas:

If you have any plot ideas, please respond to my shipper page with the code located in the post below this one. I will reply to it via PM (as I don't like plotting directly in my shipper thread; it takes up too many posts and too much space). From there, we can decide to plot via PM, in the out-of-character c-box or somewhere off-site like Discord in real-time, if need be.

Please tag (in the tag-box) any post in my shipper page; please do not hound me to reply. I will strive to reply to any/all requests within 24 hours! Thanks so much in advance!
She is currently open for plots involving: one night stands, friends with benefits, open romantic relationships, exclusive romantic relationships, crushes, affairs (all), stalkers, attackers (all), drugs, alcohol, addictions, comfort/support, drama, horror, immediate family members, distant family members, friends (male and female), family friends, pack/coven mates, bad influences, rivalry, enemies, co-workers, employees and business partners.
platonic wanted ads
Currently none.
familial wanted ads
JUSTICE DUNN - Justice Ceallach Dunn is the oldest of the triplets that were born to Benedict Dunn and Trinity Olson, local werewolves that have been romantically involved since 2012. Benedict does have other children from relationships with two women prior to his relationship with Trinity, leaving Justice with many older siblings. Sean, Robert, Claire, Zach and Brianna were born to Benedict and Fiona, whereas Laila was born to Benedict and Renesmee. Paxton (or Pax for short) and Verity are Justice's younger siblings — a brother and a sister — though only by a few mere minutes.

PAXTON DUNN - Paxton Niall Dunn is the middle child of the triplets that were born to Benedict Dunn and Trinity Olson, local werewolves that have been romantically involved since 2012. Benedict does have other children from relationships with two women prior to his relationship with Trinity, leaving Paxton with many older siblings. Sean, Robert, Claire, Zach and Brianna were born to Benedict and Fiona, whereas Laila was born to Benedict and Renesmee. Justice and Verity are Paxton's older and younger siblings — a brother and a sister — though only by a few mere minutes.

VERITY DUNN - Verity Eavan Dunn is the youngest of the triplets that were born to Benedict Dunn and Trinity Olson, local werewolves that have been romantically involved since 2012. Benedict does have other children from relationships with two women prior to his relationship with Trinity, leaving Verity with many older siblings. Sean, Robert, Claire, Zach and Brianna were born to Benedict and Fiona, whereas Laila was born to Benedict and Renesmee. Justice and Paxton (or Pax for short) are Verity's older siblings — two brothers — though only by a few mere minutes.
romantic wanted ads
BRAYDEN STEVENS - Brayden is the first person that Claire was ever sexually involved with, and isn't well-liked by her family given the fact that he used her purely for her body before continuing to bed her friends and even her cousin after the fact. Brayden and Claire lost touch for a long, long time and should someone bring him back, there will be absolutely nothing between them. It would just be a wicked fun dynamic for the two to be living in the same city after all that transpired between them when Claire was a teenager.

JACY BLACK - Jacy imprinted on Claire in their early teenage years and their romance led to Claire learning she was pregnant with a set of triplets. Jacy's family (and Claire's father and siblings) were extremely supportive of their surprising situation and assisted them in raising Aiden, Ayla and Aria but, like all young parents, Jacy, feeling extremely overwhelmed, eventually freaked out and took an extended business trip to New York where he ended up sleeping with another woman. He and Claire ended their engagement and went their separate ways. Should someone decide to adopt Jacy, please know that the two will not be getting back together, though there could be a lot of legal drama between the two before they eventually find civil ground for their kids' sake.
antagonist wanted ads
ALEKSANDER VALADIK - Aleksander is the eldest of the Valadik brothers and, currently, is the only Valadik that is known to be in the city of Seattle. He is powerful in his own right — far more powerful than his brothers — and tends to at least try to keep the peace between his brothers and the general population of werewolves in the city of Seattle.

EZEKEIL VALADIK - Ezekeil is the second eldest of the Valadik brothers. Ezekeil is a doctor in Seattle that specializes in diagnostic medicine and infectious disease. Ideally, I would like for him to apply as an attending at Seattle Grace, a supernatural hospital, working beneath Trinity Olson. Trinity is the chief of medicine and funds the hospital herself, and while she has had a brief affair with Aleksander years ago, she does not know most of his other brothers, therefore would not know Ezekeil was, in fact, a Valadik brother.

ROMARIC VALADIK - Romaric is the third eldest of the Valadik brothers, and is the more political of the brothers, always eager to make deals, alliances, and do what's in his bloodline's best interest. He has the best relationship with the decedents of his bloodline, and would easily strive to have his own bloodline come out on top if it ever boiled down to it.

VIKTOR VALADIK - Viktor is one of the fourth eldest of the Valadik brothers, and while he looks to be the most laid back of the six brothers, he can be one of the most ruthless if someone crosses him. Viktor is typically the one that keeps track of all those that choose to cross the Valadik brothers, and if he isn't the one to take their lives as retaliation, he is the one that asks one of his brothers to be the ones to do so.

MALACHAI VALADIK - Malachai is the second youngest of the Valadik brothers, and is the least involved brother of the six. While he understands that he has a bloodline he is responsible for, he cares very little in ensuring their safety, let alone his own. He chooses to try and live his life as a human, disregarding the fact that he's one of the most powerful werewolves on the planet.

ADALMUND VALADIK - Adalmund, is the youngest of the brothers, and is the one brother who seems to want to work the hardest to gain the approval of his older brothers. Because of this, Adalmund is always willing to get his hands dirty, especially if Viktor is needing help in chasing down those that have wronged the Valadik.
other plot ideas
First and foremost, I am open to plots not listed here; these are just some ideas I have that I'd like to do eventually! I'm also open to doing threads from this character's past!

i. I would definitely love to do more with Claire as far as her position with the Seattle Police Department is concerned. Currently, she's a member of a somewhat secretive branch of the Seattle Police Department (alongside a few other pre-selected characters), but I'd love for her to be more involved on-site with her career, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm always game to hear them out and work on them together!

ii. Claire will be having another child in the near future; I'm undecided as to whether or not I'd like for her to conceive naturally (as it's very difficult for werewolves to do so), or to invest in a surrogate. Either way, our hopes are that Claire has a daughter which will inevitably be put up for a member to adopt as a character, as she will age quickly.

I will add more plot ideas here as they come to me, so check back!

player information
about me:
name/alias: Shantel
pronouns: She/Her
age: Twenty-eight
location: Canada
timezone: Atlantic
trigger warnings: None.
mature threading: Yup <3
contact: Discord: Shantel#1872

looking for: The more drama, the better!

about me: My name is Shantel and I am the founder and owner of Bittersweet Forever, a multi-fandom role-play that I started back in 2008 from my hometown New Glasgow which is situated on the Canadian Atlantic coast! Needless to say, winters are pretty chilly here and summers can be just as beautiful as California summers; I grew up in the country and relocated to Halifax - the biggest city in my province - for University before moving back to the country!

I like to think of myself as outgoing and understanding, but I know I have my moments of shyness and frustration. I'm 100% for equality; I support basic human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights... I don't condone or participate in bullying (be it cyber bullying or otherwise) and I do not support cliques on-site or off-site. I try to be as inclusive as humanly possible, rather than exclusive, so don't be afraid to start a convo with me!

I have plenty of characters on-site - about ten years worth, almost! - so I'm always open to plot with anyone who asks! I prefer my plots to be a bit more on the dramatic side and to have a lot to them (I'm not big on the 'lets have our characters randomly meet at the park and be BFF's for life!' plots; they get a little draining after a while). So if you ever have an epic plot idea, I'm the gal you wanna hit up because I'll jump all over that!
twenty-one swat agent werewolf

crumbling down, biting words like a wolf howl
ship our characters!
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crumbling down, biting words like a wolf howl
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