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» Seeking a Buyer & Accomplices
 Posted: Feb 12 2016, 07:23 PM
max is Offline

So, Maximilian here, got his voice hijacked by a Witch (whose now dead) whom he failed to compel to love him because she consumed vervain; though, yes, the Witch originally intended to nab his (a Siren's) voice from him from the very start.

Maximilian quickly confronted the Witch again, but it was too late. His voice (sealed in a tiny glass vial) was sold off in an underground supernatural black market. In rage, Maximilian killed the witch, but not before taking the money she earned from the auction and receiving a vital piece of information - that the buyer resided in New Orleans.

So what I'm looking for is anyone interested enough to have bought a Siren's voice (either for their collection or for personal gain) for an astonishingly high price! We can work out more details later too, of course!

Besides a buyer, I'm looking for accomplices that are interested in helping Maximilian to gain back his voice. Whether Maximilian lied on how it was hijacked from him - we can discuss those details too. But he will reward them greatly with one request.

And if you're simply willing to plot with Maximilian, don't be afraid to hit me up! I'm open to anything! I do want to put it out there, though, he is definitely an antagonist! so fair warning!

 Posted: Sep 6 2017, 04:12 PM
KIMMI is Offline

i'm interested

I have a couple ideas! <3

I have @ANNA ORUCOV who could have arguably purchased the voice for unknown personal reasons before leaving New Orleans. She's had her humanity off and is now back in town, and has quietly settled into life as a journalist. I want her to cause trouble, but she's been keeping any mischief on the down low for the time being.

I also have @ARIA MONTGOMERY that could be a friend. She is a witch but she has no idea at the moment, although she's suspicious of the supernatural worlds existence. I would love for her to discover this soon. I have a want ad up for her mother but I'm open to her finding out from other routes. This could be both a problem and help because she is a witch but she's truly good. We could even have her know ASL so she could teach him if he doesn't know so he could communicate easier?

Another one on my list is @ALLISON ARGENT, an ex-hunter, which could be useful for him. She's vowed to no longer hunt supernatural just because of their species but she would want to help if she learned of his problem.


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