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» [IP] Maybe Tonight [INVITES]
 Posted: Aug 3 2017, 01:42 PM
AIDEN is Offline

The question surprised him. It wasn't that it was illogical to ask, Aiden just hadn't expected to get this far. This entire encounter wasn't planned, and now that they were here talking, Aiden saw hope for them. Perhaps the strangest part was that Josh actually wanted Aidens opinion on where this was going.

In Aidens mind, up until a moment ago, he hadn't realized there was anything to decide on. Their time apart had been weird. Yes, Aiden had stopped communicating with Josh, but it wasn't like his phone had been ringing off the hook. He had assumed it was fairly mutual after they found out what the other one really was. Aiden hadn't given it that much thought other than that he missed Josh. He didn't think that feeling would be returned.

Of course, all of that had been cleared up within the last five minutes or so and Aiden felt like an idiot. And now, he sat across from a guy who he had clearly hurt as he asked how to proceed. He wasn't used to these kinds of conversations. Aiden had never really done the serious relationship thing and his life had gotten far more complicated over the past few years, which was saying something.

"I...I thought that would be up to you." He could hear how his voice sounded. His confusion was apparent. "I can't ask you to forgive me. I'd like for you too, but..." He trailed off. Was it a good sign that he didn't argue with the idea of not letting anyone else get in their way. "What do you want?

Aiden felt horrible about how he had impacted Josh without even realizing it and now that they were discussing it, he didn't want to push his ex in any way. The ball was in Josh's court, and for anything to happen from this point on, Josh would have to decide what.

A second chance would be nice. The circumstances had changed, and he saw a path that didn't seem too terrifying to go down. "I know it doesn't change anything, but I need you to know I never realized how much I was hurting you." He added quietly. He wasn't making excuses, but he did think it mattered. There were no bad intentions. Just bad decisions based on fear and a war that Aiden didn't want to be a part of anymore.



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 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 06:11 PM
Club Kid
Josh is Offline

I know that you're afraid to
let all the dark escape you
Josh let out a loud sigh as he sat there, gaze drifting off to all the bottles that lined the back of the bar. It wasn’t that he wasn’t listening, but more that he was deep in thought. He felt stuck between a rock and a really , really hot guy who hurt his feelings really bad. Probably because he was, but that was besides the metaphor.

It would be so easy for him to get up and walk out the door. To turn his back on Aiden and all that hurt that Josh had been carrying around. He didn’t need him, he didn’t need a man at all. Josh could be perfectly happy with the life that he had going on now. And from the sounds of it Aiden didn’t exactly need Josh this whole time either.

But Josh could also stay and keep talking. Josh could put what was done to the side and start from the beginning. He didn’t think that he could really forgive Aiden. But he knew that he could give another chance. Maybe not for romance, not for a long while, but friends….maybe josh could do that?

Was it worth it though? He had tried once before and Aiden and look at what happened to him then? Was it worth opening yourself back open to a person who could turn around and hurt you all over again?

He knew that Aiden was sorry, it was clear that he felt that he was. But sorry didn’t really fix what happened….and sorry didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen all over again. What if something else caused him to just up and leave once more? It would just leave Josh once more to feel like he was feeling now. It would be better if he just pretended like he never even met Aiden in the first place.

But that wasn’t who Josh was…and he could never just pretend like that.

“ I know you say you are sorry, and I think you mean it. But sorry isn’t just something so simple… “ Josh turned his gaze to look over at the werewolf next to him ” That being said though… Look maybe… maybe we could start over. Friendship and everything from the beginning. “

Letting out another long sigh, he turned his body around to completely face Aiden ” So. Hi. I’m Josh. I’m a Lord of the Ring’s fan. I like to go out to clubs. And my best friend is pretty much the most important person to me. Nice to meet you “ He gave him a nervous playful smile, hoping that this was the right path to take.

Afraid to lose control
And caught up in this world I've wasted time, I've wasted breath I think I've thought myself to death I was born without this fear Now only this seems clear I need to move, I need to fight I need to lose myself tonight

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